Gold's Gym Membership Cancellation Request


    Q: Can I cancel my membership if I am still under obligation?

    A: Yes. However, additional documentation will be required. If you are relocating more than 25 miles from one of our locations, we will need proof of relocation. If you’re leaving for Military Deployment, we will need proof of your Military Orders. And, if you have a medical disability, we will require proof from your doctor.
                        Click on the button to view valid proof of early termination documentation: Early Termination Doc

    Q: Will my membership be cancelled effective immediately?

    A: No. Members are required to give a 30-day notice to cancel their membership.

    Q: How long will I be able to use my membership after I cancel?

    A: Because you are required to give a 30-day notice to cancel and you paid the last month’s prepaid dues when you joined , this will extend the membership expiration by an additional 30 days, which will enable you to use Gold’s Gym during that additional 30 days.

    Q: I am moving to an area where there is another Corporate owned Gold’s Gym. Will I need to cancel my current membership and rejoin at the new location?

    A: No. If you have a multi-club membership, you will have access to the Gold Tiered Gyms. If you move to a location where there are Black Tiered Gyms, all you have to do is upgrade.

               Black Tier Gyms           :   Roger’s Ranch, Alamo Heights, Medical Center & Concord (San Antonio, TX) and Venice, CA
               Gold Tier Gyms             :   Prue Road, Bandera Pointe, Downtown Travis, 78 & Walzem, Bandera Trails, Live Oak, Fiesta Trails, Babcock, Evans                                                          Road, Valley Hi, Crossroads, Universal City, Tezel & Guilbeau, Goliad, Military, Naco, Lockhill Village, Legacy Trails,                                                          Culebra, Hill Country Village, Quarry, New Braunfels & Bulverde (San Antonio, TX)

    Q: If there is a Franchise Owned Gold’s Gym where I am moving, can I use that location if I already have a membership at a Corporate owned Gold’s Gym?

    A: Unfortunately no since our Franchise gyms are independently owned and operated. However, some Franchise gyms do offer a transfer special which may include waiving the enrollment fees. Before cancelling your membership, please call or visit the gym at your new location to see if they have any such transfer specials. Let them know you’re already a member of the Gold’s Gym family.

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